Meet Patricia and Lily, the twin tech geniuses behind Operation Syt Launch

You have your zone of genius. We have ours — and, yes, we geek out over WordPress web design! We also share a common passion to see military spouses gain financial freedom and flexibility by building a web-based business.

As a proud military spouse, Lily loves creating web designs that make you look sharp online. Patricia dives into all the tech nuts and bolts that keep your website running smoothly. We both speak “twin geek” talk — our teamwork makes the dream work!

We’re wives and moms who love our families, but we stay on top of our business game, too.

Proud Member of The Rosie Network

We deliver professional web designs with a personal touch! Why do we care so much? We’ve walked in your shoes.

Maybe you’re an active duty spouse looking to add a little income to the household. Or, you’re underemployed due to constant moves and deployments. Perhaps you’re a spouse whose husband is looking at life after the military. We understand.

To fight back, we’ve joined forces to unleash your entrepreneurial potential. In our digital age, a polished, professional online presence is key. You’re probably wondering how to juggle one more thing!

We’ll take that pressure off your back. We’ve been polishing our tech skills for many years now. You see, our dad signed us up for our first computer class while we were just six years old! While our skills didn’t really soar until adulthood, we’re always striving to stay on the cutting edge of tech for our area of expertise.

We enjoy focusing on what we do best — designing WordPress websites tailored to each client. Listening well and communicating? Now that’s our secret sauce.

Have tech questions? Ask us anything! We want you to feel comfortable — never stupid. We’re on your team. We’ll handle both tech and design, so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, we love going the extra mile for our military entrepreneurs. Our lives were touched by the non-profits who generously helped Lily’s family transition to civilian life after a medical discharge. Now we pay it forward by delivering quality work with integrity!

Together we can create an online space that excites you and helps you grow your business. Mission accomplished! Ready to know more about working together? Let’s chat. Simply schedule a fitting call here.